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"In life, we are told that many friendships will come and go. A resounding feature of the friendships I made through the Aisling Gaels is the permanency. There are a number of girls I spent the summer with who have come to serve a different purpose almost 3 years on. Having once offered me guidance and support on the field, they now offer me this in my daily life. The Gaels stick together on and off the field" Marie Tonra 2014

"After spending 4 summers playing football with the Aisling Gaels I can honestly say that it has really been a tremendous experience and everyone should give it a go. I have made so many friends from Chicago and Ireland in those 4 summers! I highly recommend a J1 in Chicago with the Aisling Gaels. It's more than just the football, it's the social outings, nights out, and the craic that is constantly had.It went from a J1 summer to an A1 summer!" Rebecca Towey 2013-2-16

"Playing with the Gaels was definitely one of the best summers I have ever had. The girls are amazing and the overall experience is even better. We laughed and trained our way through the summer. I could not have had a better J1. I came away with a North American Championship, and made some great friends and memories." Katherine Roche 2013

"Aisling Gaels- Chicago, New York, Seattle, Cleveland, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Boston, San Francisco, 9 years, 7 Chicago titles, 4 National titles, countless memories, and the best friends you could ever ask for. One Club, One Dream- Aisling Gaels Abu." Mairin Wallace, Lifer

"I first landed in Chicago in the summer of 2013. All my friends were on their J1's but I had gotten the graduate visa. I was undecided about where to settle after the summer, New York was a safety net, I knew more people there. My friend Sinead and I decided to play football and were sent in the direction of Aisling Gaels. It ended up being the best decision we made. The team became like our family over there, with mammy Maírin 'MILF' Flaherty, King 1 & King 2, captain McCormack and Marie 'Hope solo' Gorack looking after us, helping out with accommodation and jobs! Safe to say I was staying in Chicago, they had found me a job after all. I don't know if my boss thanked them too much on a Monday morning though after a Sunday in Gaelic Park... and all that fireball in Vaughans. I was a home based player for 2014 and it was a new team of girls, apart from Towey, who parted with her beloved sheep, and Mad Ann, they couldn't stay away after 2013. Ann also just couldn't be apart from the love of her life any longer(Maurice). Both teams that year, junior and senior, were a tight knit bunch. There were no divides and everyone, on both teams, became friends you'd have for life. Chicago is an unbelievable city to live in. You're never at a loss for something to do. There are so many events around the city, the lake, the bars, the sports, street fests during the summer, winter markets! And St.Patty's weekend is insane. Every chance I get to go back, I'm there. They're probably sick at the sight of me by this stage. Anyone who's headed to chi-town this summer and wants to play football give Aisling Gaels a shout. They're a great club to play for and the friends you make, well, there'll always be a bed for you in Chicago and plenty of reunion nights at home!!" Hayley Ward 2013-2014

"I played organized sports growing up and in high school and college. After college I played intramural soccer but there is nothing like being on a team. The Gaels are a team. We work hard and sweat together, get ready together, go out and have fun together. This is one of the most inclusive and supportive teams I have ever been apart of. I'm so glad I found the Aisling Gaels!" Shelley Brosnan 

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