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Marvel at the City of Chicago

Conquer a North American 

Leave with Lifelong Friends

Lorna Finnegan, 2015

"Living in Chicago, for me, is the best place to be. You have everything you could want in a city and more: good transport, skyscrapers and cool buildings, amazing beaches, parks, greens, and funky neighborhoods. There's a real sense of community in Chicago, which for me makes it feel like home away from home. People are friendly and help each other out which is hard to find in big cities. I'd go back in a heartbeat!" Lorna Finnegan 2015

Sarah Stritch, 2013

"Okay did it feel to have a NAC....So it was an amazing and unique experience. Playing with a group that would never be usually together. A group that are like your sisters by the end of the summer, so it makes it extra special to win it at the end. It's a once in a lifetime experience that I'll take with me forever." Sarah Stritch 2013

Anne Marie Coleman, 2013 & 2014

"Playing Gaelic with the Aisling Gaels girls for two seasons were the most memorable summers I have experienced to date. Everyone loves winning but it is the friends and the memories you make that you remember and cherish the most! I traveled over with one friend from home and came home with 60 more! :) " Anne Marie Coleman 2013 and 2014

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